Frequently Asked Questions

  • In a traditional practice, the doctor may care for a few thousand patients. The doctor is not
    able to give the patient the time necessary to properly evaluate and treat the root cause of
    disease. He is more prone to treating the symptom(s) of the disease.
    In a concierge practice, the doctor may see a few hundred. This enables the doctor to spend
    more time with the patient. The doctor is then able to get to know the patient, respond in a
    timely manner to their needs, advocate on their behalf, and coordinate care with specialists.
    This model allows the doctor the time to proactively manage your health care; thereby helping
    you maintain good health rather than treat illness.

  • Yes, we are currently accepting new members. Once we reach our goal, a waiting list will be implemented.

  • In a traditional practice, the doctor may see approximately 30 or more patients per day.
    In a concierge practice, the doctor may see 6-8 patients per day.

  • If you are ill, you will be seen right away. Our patients enjoy same-day and next-day appointments, which start on time and last as long as medically necessary. For less urgent medical concerns such as annual exams and lab work, which take a good amount of time, we ask patients to schedule in advance. This allows us to hold same-day appointments for urgent concerns.

  • A concierge member is entitled to a total of up to 52 visits per calendar year, but no more than
    30 visits in any given month.
    A traditional patient will be seen per their insurance plan.

  • You will be referred to the appropriate laboratory, imaging and diagnostic tests centers for services that we do not provide.

  • We will direct you to the best specialists in the area.

  • Yes. Screening tests to detect disease at very early stages is an aspect of any wellness plan. We will help you understand which test are appropriate for you. A Certified Health & Nutrition coach is available for consultation. He will help you implement healthy lifestyle changes that may reduce your risk for certain diseases.

  • We will work closely with your admitting team to coordinate care and advocate.  Our providers / hospitalists are on-staff at The Villages Regional Hospital and Leesburg Regional Medical Center.  Bills accrued during a hospital stay are the sole responsibility of the patient.

  • There are no restrictions as to which hospitals are available for your use, should the need arise. However, it’s important to note that currently, our Hospitalist is affiliated with both The Villages Regional Hospital and the Leesburg Regional Medical Center. This means that the Hospitalist would be your hospital physician at these facilities and provide the care you require.

  • Yes, you will receive and sign a membership agreement that lists the services offered,
    along with the payment terms.

  • We strive to keep membership rates reasonable and affordable. Please contact the office for more information regarding membership rates.

  • Payments for our services consist of the annual retainer, which will cover all Basic Services provided by our physicians in the office or at home, whether in person, by phone or by email, and payment of an additional charge for each Additional Personalized Service that you receive.

  • The membership fee does not cover all services that you may require. Our practice assumes that you are insured by a health insurance plan that may cover or reimburse you for labs, vaccinations, diagnostic or pathologic testing, hospitalizations, specialist visits and medications.

  • Yes. You must maintain health insurance to pay for your healthcare expenses.

  • We are NOT an insurance plan; your membership is a “value-added-service” fee. Patients are responsible for any fees associated with office visits, lab work, radiology or any other procedures performed at an outside facility.

  • Yes. We accept Medicare.

  • No. We do not accept Medicaid now.

  • For all concierge members, the doctor is available by cell phone 24/7. Should problems arise, most concerns can often be addressed over the phone. Should immediate attention be required, please call 911 and go to the emergency room.
    Traditional patients, please call 911 and go to the emergency room.

  • This is a great benefit for concierge members only. House calls are for after-hours consideration, if a patient is too ill to come into the office for an evaluation.

  • The level of access provided by your concierge membership extends to those times when you are traveling outside the area, state, or even country. It allows for consultations by phone or email. In the event of hospitalization, the hospital physicians should contact your concierge medical doctor to determine both your medical needs and appropriate levels of care.

  • No, the annual fee only covers membership in the practice. It is your responsibility to pay for prescription medications. In most cases, they will be covered by your insurance plan(s).

  • There may be times when your preferred provider is not available due to illness, personal time off or technical difficulties. Every attempt will be made to provide coverage.

  • Patients may pay upfront in full, or  pay in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments via our automated payment system, which automatically processes payment on a scheduled and recurring basis. The first 90-days of membership are non-refundable.

  • Annual membership fees are paid at the beginning of the membership period. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card.

  • Check with your tax advisor or accountant to find out whether the membership fee may be tax deductible.

  • Prior to joining the practice, you may schedule for a consultation. This is a bilateral interview. It allows you to relay your expectations and determine whether our practice is a good fit. Medical counsel and medications will not be provided at this time.

  • Medicare will not cover or reimburse the membership fee.

  • Certain Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans may reimburse for all or part of the membership fee. You should check with your human resources representative or HSA or FSA plan manager to find out.

  • Yes. We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans.

  • Yes. The annual fee provides for membership in the concierge practice. Even if you do not have any sick visits, Dr. Schwartz recommends you take advantage of the annual executive-level health exam and the Health Coach services. He also encourages you to email him for appropriate, non-urgent medical questions.

  • If this agreement is terminated within the first 90 days, you will be refunded a pro rata portion of the Retainer you have paid, prorated on the number of days left at the time of termination, minus $600.00 which is the amount of the Retainer applicable to such 90 day period. If this agreement is terminated after the first 90 days, you will not be refunded any portion of the Retainer.

  • You may cancel your membership with the practice at any time and for any reason by giving 30-days advanced written notice.