DNA Testing


Your DNA can unlock the code to discovering which medication can work with your body to treat your condition

You Are Not Alone

  • Do you currently take multiple medications?
  • Are you worried that you aren’t responding to treatment?
  • Are side effects from your medications a concern?
  • IDgenetix can help you and your physician in selecting the best medication choices for your condition.

Unlocking your DNA to identify the right medication choices

IDgenetix Testing:

  • Can identify differences in your DNA that will impact your response to medications.
  • Will help you and your physician select those treatments that are most likely to benefit you.
  • Reduces your risk of side effects or being prescribed medications with little or no clinical benefit.

What is IDgenetix?

  • A simple genetic test to determine how your genetic makeup will influence your unique response to medications.
  • Painless DNA sample collection is performed by your physician using a cheek swab.
  • Results are quickly accessible to your physician through a secure website.
  • Testing is commonly covered by most major insurers, including Medicare.

How do I get started?

Call 352-775-6428 to schedule an appointment.